Common questions asked by companies that want to remove the burdens of HR paperwork and processes, and become more efficient, productive, and profitable.

What is a professional employer organization (PEO)?

Professional employer organizations are outsourcing partners that provide cost-effective human resources support for payroll, payroll taxes, time and labor management, benefits, workers’ compensation and safety training, recruiting, and human resources information systems (HRIS) — essentially, all things HR. Companies share employees so that the PEO removes the risk associated with employees and provides benefits and HR services that typically only large corporations can afford. PEOs lift the burden of complex employment laws and regulations.

How is using a PEO cost-effective?

When it comes to HR issues, most growing companies reach a point where they have to make a decision: hire a person to work exclusively on HR, handle it in-house (likely with an employee whose primary job is not HR-related), or find outside help. PEOs save you the cost of hiring an HR person and can find many cost-savings, including cheaper healthcare plans, lower workers’ compensation costs, and avoiding regulatory fines. And because they have the HR expertise companies need, a PEO can also help you hire better people and retain good employees longer, avoiding costly turnover. 

How is PMI different from other PEOs?

We are a people-centric business with deep experience in the HR industry. Our commitment to unrelenting, caring customer service starts with hiring people who want to help other people. Clients stay with PMI because of the level of support and the long-standing relationships built with the PMI team. We’re approachable and want to solve your issues, and that is what our clients have come to expect.